Decision Day for Boulder Bay

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Kings Beach, CA…The North Lake Tahoe Event Center is filled today for decision day for Boulder Bay. At the present time the backers of the project are laying out what they see as the future of the project. The 48 acre project is proposed to have over 500 lodging units with a significant decrease in gaming square footage from the Tahoe Biltmore which currently anchors this land. The goal is to change this area from a Casino centric destination to a family centric project with bike trails, and other multi-use improvements.

One of the core issues brought forward by the project is that the current facility is economically unsustainable as a destination resort. The changes proposed in the project are more inline with the emerging successful Tahoe model of family, meeting and more of a mixed use facility.

Public Comments will commence after lunch which are expected to take at least a couple of hours some estimates have a vote coming around 4pm or after. This is just a guess and we will pass along the vote as soon as it becomes available.

This meeting was pushed back from March as due to the weather systems that were rolling through at the time. It was expected that enough of the TRPA Board would be absent as to not achieve a quorum.

The over 100 speakers that have signed up to speak during public comments are working their way to the podium. The comments have so far been overwhelmingly in favor of the project. There have been some objections from some environmental groups. Their objections for the most part have centered on the scale of the project.

If the vote was based purely on public comments it would sail through.

Afternoon Update…

The below live stream will go live as we get close to a vote.

Live streaming video by Ustream