Sierra Business Council Offers Free Energy Efficiency Services Through the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch Program

Truckee, CA…Sierra Business Council administers the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW), a program that provides local public agencies and businesses within Pacific Gas & Electric Company territory with free energy efficiency consulting services designed to cut energy costs. As energy supply costs increase, we encourage public agencies and small- and medium-sized businesses to utilize energy-efficient equipment and practices.

SNEW invites commercial and public facilities to take advantage of FREE energy efficiency consulting and no-cost energy audits.

SNEW recently helped a public agency save money through a lighting retrofit project, with annual savings predicted at $16,300. Small and medium-sized businesses can save, too! One local business is predicted to save $13,000 simply by updating lighting and improving insulation.

SNEW encourages businesses and public agencies to enroll in these free services to lower energy bills, save your business or tax-payer dollars, improve comfort, and become more resilient.

If your facility resides within Pacific Gas & Electric Company territory (including Community Choice Aggregators – CCAs), please encourage your local public agencies and small businesses to take advantage of SNEW services to lower their energy bills, save taxpayer dollars, and reduce their carbon footprint for a healthier environment.

Sierra Nevada Energy Watch by emailing or calling (530) 582-4800 x605.

To learn more, visit the website