Traffic Update….Grader vs Vehicle Collision Near Tahoe City Maintenance Yard

Tahoe City, CA…This morning, at approximately 8:56 AM, a traffic collision occurred on State Route 89 near the Tahoe City maintenance yard. The incident involved a grader and a vehicle, but no injuries were reported. At 9:21 AM, units were dispatched to the scene and one unit was assigned to the incident. At 9:56 AM, three units were on the scene, with two units having been en route since 9:21 AM.

It is unclear at this time what caused the collision or if any further action will be taken. No additional information is available.

Incident: 00032 Type: Trfc Collision-No Inj Location: 715 Sr89 Loc Desc: AT TAHOE CITY MAINTENANCE YARD Lat/Lon: 39.155618 -120.146016
Detail Information
8:56 AM 1 [1] GRADER VS VEH
Unit Information
9:56 AM 3 Unit At Scene
9:21 AM 2 Unit Enroute
9:21 AM 1 Unit Assigned