90% of Wildfire Damage Can Be Prevented with Wildfire Safety Solutions

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV…At Wildfire Safety Solutions we apply long term fire retardant that helps stop the spread of wildfires by reducing the combustibility of potential fuels. With the powerful and unpredictable nature of wildfires, this non-colored formula works by naturally changing the molecular composition of organic materials such as grass, wood, and vegetation. This change ensures that they no longer serve as fuel, effectively slowing down the rate of spread of the fire. Used as directed, the formula is friendly to people and pets, as well as the environment.

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Conducted by NFPA Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. We develop a plan to fire harden your home to resist wildfire destruction Flying embers are a top cause of structure ignition during a wildfire.

Traditional vents are vulnerable to ember intrusion, swap your vents today.

Our long term fire retardant can help protect your property for months. Brush should remain incombustible until rain washes the formula away.

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  1. Anonymous   August 31, 2022, 9:46 pm at 9:46 pm

    Home hardening and long-term fire retardant have proven to be an effective defense to wildfire.