Dangerous Conditions on Lake Tahoe and Other Lakes Says Washoe County Sheriff

Incline Village, NV…The water conditions on Lake Tahoe have been dangerous the last couple of days. With the high winds and cold temperatures of the water, please use caution at Lake Tahoe and any bodies of water in the area.

Yesterday, Marine 9 performed a rescue of two individuals near Sand Harbor. The subjects were in kayaks and the kayaks overturned due to the rough water. Both subjects were clinging to rocks when the crew of Marine 9 and Sand Harbor lifeguards reached them. After the subjects were brought on Marine 9 it was discovered both were showing signs of hypothermia and were taken to Sand Harbor for medical assessment.

The crew of Marine 9 reported similar conditions on Lake Tahoe today.

If you’re considering boating on Lake Tahoe this Memorial Day weekend, please check the weather conditions and be prepared for rough water.

While the highly trained, competent crew of Marine 9 is on the water at Lake Tahoe all weekend, we’d ask that you not put yourself in a position to require their assistance.

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