Breezy Winds Will Produce Choppy Conditions for Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, CA…Breezy winds will produce areas of blowing dust for west central NV and choppy conditions for Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake!

Want to monitor for dust like we do? Check out the satellite data here with details on how to interpret too!
Blowing Dust Advisory and Lake Wind Advisory in effect –
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ALT TEXT FOR IMAGE – Satellite image showing dust RGB. Dust can be hard to see in visible and infrared imagery because it is optically thin, or because it appears similar to other cloud types such as cirrus. The RGB product is able to contrast airborne dust from clouds using band differencing and the IR thermal channel. The IR band differencing allows dust storms to be observed during both daytime and at night. For more information see this information sheet:…/QuickGuide_Dust_RGB.pdf