No Smoke Alarms in Use at Residence Where Fire Occurred on Tiger Drive

Carson City, NV…This past weekend the Carson City Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Tiger Drive. During the fire investigation it was noted there were no smoke alarms in the home and most of the windows had been covered with gypsum wallboard on the inside and wood siding on the outside. Investigators determined the cause was accidental, due to electrical malfunction. Fortunately, the family was awake when the fire broke out and were able to escape unharmed. If they had been asleep the incident would have been fatal.

Smoke alarms in the home is one of the single most important fire safety features residents can have. They are an early warning device to notify sleeping residents there is a fire in the home and to evacuate. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 41% of home fire deaths are due to not having smoke alarms in the home. Carson City Fire Department recommends a smoke alarm in each sleeping room, the hallway that adjoins the sleeping rooms, and one on each level of the home. Households with natural gas appliances like a furnace or water heater, wood burning appliances, or an attached garage, should have carbon monoxide detectors.

The Carson City Fire Department would also like to take this opportunity to remind residents that windows are a second exit out of a room or house in case of an emergency. Blocking windows can cause people to become trapped. Never cover or block your windows. Those living on the second floor of any dwelling are advised to keep a residential escape ladder.

For more information regarding smoke alarms and home escape planning, please contact the Carson City Fire Prevention Division at 775-887-2210 or go to

Source = Carson City Sheriff’s Office