NDOT’S SR 28 Road Improvement Season Complete

Stateline, NV…Nevada Department of Transportation’s State Route 28 Shared Use Path and Safety/Stormwater Enhancement project’s initial construction season has concluded. There will be construction over the next two years to complete the three-plus mile shared-use path from the south end of Incline Village to Sand Harbor State Park.



As part of this year’s construction, an underpass was built beneath the highway to bring the upcoming shared use path from the east to west side of the road near the Flume Trail. In addition, work began on the three new parking areas located near the Ponderosa Ranch and Tunnel Creek Café that will provide safer options for the one million recreationists who visit the area each year. This year’s efforts also included the relocation of a sewer (effluent) pipe near Hidden Beach.

The next phases of construction will also include water quality improvements such as enhanced roadside drainage inlets, sediment filtration systems and erosion control to help preserve the quality of stormwater entering Lake Tahoe.

“Crews excavated 10,000 cubic yards of material, installed 2,500 linear feet or roadside curb and gutter, 2,310 linear feet of drainage pipe and generally made great progress this construction season,” NDOT Resident Engineer John Angel explained. “Average work zone travel delays were under 10 minutes, and we want to thank all community members and all drivers for their understanding of these important road improvements.”

More than 2.5 million vehicles a year travel on State Route 28, mixing with as many as 2,000 pedestrian and bicyclists who park and recreate near the roadside on peak days and creating safety and accessibility concerns on the mountainous highway. Nearly 107 crashes occurred in the area between 2006 and 2013; accounting for approximately 25 percent of incidents on State Route 28.

In response, 13 agencies came together to find solutions and develop the recommendations in the SR 28 National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan. In an effort to coordinate safety and mobility, the group worked to develop the Nevada Stateline-to-Stateline Bikeway North Demonstration Project Joint Environmental Assessment for the first three miles of the aforementioned shared-use path from Incline Village to Sand Harbor. This is a component of the larger Nevada Stateline to Stateline Feasibility Study Report for the entire 30+ miles of shared-use path, also known as the Tahoe East Shore Trail.

A public meeting to provide updates and answer questions about the 2017 construction season will take place in Incline Village next spring.

NDOT has contracted Granite Construction to implement the State Route 28 Shared Use Path and Safety/Stormwater Enhancement by fall of 2018.

Project information is available at www.nevadadot.com/sr28.