Trump Rolls On, Bernie Wins In Michigan, Cruz Hangs On & Rubio Shut Out

Washington, DC…Tuesday had four states holding their elections in the 2016 presidential primary cycle. Mississippi Michigan Idaho and Hawaii cast their ballots. On the GOP side Donald Trump had wins in Mississippi Michigan and Hawaii. Ted Cruz picked up Idaho. On the Democratic side Bernie Sanders had a surprise win in Michigan. this shows he still pulls very well with blue collar workers.

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The biggest story of the night may have been Rubio’s fade. He failed to pick up a single delegate and what seemed to be a surging candidacy 2 weeks ago now seems in an almost irreversible decline. Rubio is still working hard for a victory in Florida. The latest polling results however do not favor this.

One interesting storyline is that the establishment wing of the Republican party seems completely impotent. Mitt Romney’s robo calls and leading the charge of “Anyone but Trump” failed miserably. The “establishment’s” only hope may be Ted Cruz whom they may hate almost as much as Trump.

If Kasich takes Ohio & Rubio can come back in Florida the battle will continue. If Trump somehow wins both of these states as we roll into the winner take all phase of the primaries then this race is looking over and Trump may very well have the delegates he needs before the convention