South Lake Tahoe Police Canine Association 2014 Logo Contest


South Lake Tahoe, Ca…The South Lake Tahoe Police Canine Association is looking for an exciting new logo for the upcoming K-9 Trial in September 2014. We invite you to participate in our logo design contest. Please plan on submitting your creative design! Submissions deadline is July 18, 2014.

The winning designer will be paid $100.00 and receive a sweat shirt and t-shirt with their logo. Photos of the winning design and pictures of the designer (at the designer’s discretion) will be featured on our website, The winner will also be invited to attend the K9 Trial banquet on September 27th as a guest of SLTPCA and will be publicly recognized as the designer in local media outlets.

Design specifications are as follows:

• The Canine Trial is a family event. No language or images which might be offensive will be considered.

• K9’s depicted in the logo should be a German Shepard, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepard.

• We cannot consider designs which feature skulls or depict K9’s which are “overly aggressive”

Except for these guidelines we want all contestants to feel free to be as creative as possible and do not want to guide anyone in any direction. SLTPCA wants an exciting and original logo.

All designs must be submitted by midnight on July 18th and can be left at the front counter of the South Lake Tahoe Police Department 24 hours a day if in a hard copy format.

All submissions being dropped off at the Police Department should be mounted on a hard surface and protected by a cover sheet to prevent damage to the art work. If in a digital format please e-mail the artwork to No submissions will be accepted after this deadline. The winner will be selected approximately two to three weeks after submission.

By submitting your art work to SLTPCA the winning designer agrees that SLTPCA will own all rights to the artwork and we will publish and use the art work at our discretion. The designer further agrees not to publish or use this artwork in any way without obtaining written permission from SLTPCA. This does not prohibit the winning designer to add this piece and/or display it in their portfolio.

Please go to to register for the contest. It is imperative that we have your contact information in case we need to contact the designers. If you have additional questions you can email us at

Good Luck!