Fix50 Westbound Work Begins

SACRAMENTO, Ca – Caltrans began closing lanes at 9 PM yesterday to prepare for the second half of the Fix50 project, and officially started work this morning rehabilitating westbound lanes of the W-X Viaduct on U.S. Highway 50 between I-5 and Highway 99 in Sacramento. Work began with Phase 1 on the inside lanes.


“It was a productive night” stated Caltrans District 3 Director, Jody Jones. “We successfully shifted all traffic to the outside lanes and installed the K-rail barrier. So far it’s a smooth beginning for westbound work, but traffic congestion is expected to be greater than it was during eastbound work.”


The first phase of the westbound stage has closed the 3 inside lanes of the W-X Viaduct between 18th and 24th Streets, as well as one lane of the northbound Highway 99 connector to westbound Highway 50. Phase 1 is scheduled to run until June 10, and will be followed by westbound Phase 2 which is scheduled to be completed by June 25.


Speed limits in the work zone will be reduced to 55 MPH for increased safety. Ramp meters will be in operation from 5 – 10 AM and 2 – 7 PM and wait times may be longer to help control traffic entering the work zone area. Drivers are reminded to remain alert for sudden traffic slowing, stopping and lane changes, and urged to avoid any distractions in the work zone like phone calls or using other mobile devices. “We want to remind drivers to be alert in the work zone and slow their speed,” warned Director Jones. “Workers are working within inches of live traffic. The safety of our workers and the commuting public is of the utmost importance.”


Project Schedule for Westbound Work:

Westbound work will run from May 27 through June 25 and will occur in two phases:

  • Phase 1: May 27 – June 10

o   The three inside lanes will be closed. Two to three outside lanes will remain open.

o   No ramps will be closed during the first westbound phase. However, the connector ramp from Hwy 99 North to US-50 West will be reduced down to one lane to increase safety for motorists merging onto US-50 West into the work zone.

  • Phase 2: June 11-25

o   Two to three outside lanes will be closed. The inside three lanes will remain open.

o   Ramp closures:

  • Connector ramp from westbound Business 80 (Capitol City Freeway) to US-50 West will be closed. Hornet Drive near Sacramento State is the alternate route.
  • Reduced lanes on connector ramp from Hwy 99 North to US-50 West (will merge down to one lane).
  • 16th Street off-ramp.

Major congestion is expected throughout the region during westbound work, including on other area highways and surface streets. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate transportation whenever possible to help reduce congestion. The best way to bypass congestion is to take light rail and avoid any unnecessary trips. Other options that can help reduce wait times include:


  • Take the bus: Sacramento RT, Yolobus, Elk Grove e-tran, Galt-Sacramento Commuter Express, North Natomas Flyer, Placer County Transit, Yuba Sutter Transit, or El Dorado Transit
  • Capitol Corridor train service from Yolo County and Placer County. Discounts are available from Yolo Transit on the Capitol Corridor trains between Davis and Sacramento during peak hours at
  • Carpool / Vanpool
  • Adjust work schedules to avoid rush hour or telecommute
  • If possible, walk or ride a bike. May is Bike Month. See
  • Patronize local businesses after work to avoid rush hour and reduce car trips. Special offers are available for local businesses at

Caltrans’ website for the W-X Viaduct project:, gives the public up-to-date schedules, maps, and details about alternate routes and transportation.


Get Project Updates: Motorists can sign up to receive project updates via text alerts, email or social media; and can link to local transit agencies at


About the Project: The W-X Viaduct is the elevated section of U.S. Highway 50 in Sacramento south of downtown, between 18th and 24th Streets. Although there are no safety problems with the Viaduct currently, age and heavy use have caused extensive wear and cracking. The construction contractor, Myers & Sons Construction of Sacramento, is sealing cracks and installing a new 4-inch concrete deck on top of the existing deck, and tying it to the girders to give the Viaduct another 20 years of useful life.