Northern Nevada’s 1st Annual Home Education Conference Coming to Carson City on April 23rd

Carson City, NV…SHINE  Church will be hosting the 1st Annual  Home Education Conference on Saturday, April 23rd.  The past couple of years many tried out schooling their children at home for the first time.
For many parents, it was completely frustrating.
For many more, it opened their minds and hearts to possibilities about what life at home could really be like–outside the system–so to speak.
More freedom.
More flexibility.
More time as a family.
More space to learn organically.
And. . . a whole lot of uncertainty.
“Am I doing this right?”
“How do I know if my child is learning enough?”
“Is my child behind?”
“What curriculum do I need to buy?”
“What do I do when my kids don’t want to participate?”
“How do I do this?”
One thing is certain: Public schooling at your house is NOT the same thing as an education at home.
If you are loving having your kids home but you haven’t figured out how to bridge the gap to make it feel workable, you aren’t alone.
While educating your children at home can feel like a big undertaking, it doesn’t need to look like a public school room. (In fact, running on that hamster wheel will always feel like a losing game.)
Learn how to cultivate your children’s education in the home setting in a way that encourages their interest, creativity, and every family member’s personal responsibility and freedom.
On Saturday, April 23rd at the SHINE church in Carson City we will show you HOW.
Join us for Northern Nevada’s 1st Annual Home Education Conference. We have an event with speakers (including Rachel DeMille—co-founder of TJEd Leadership Education, and Connor Boyack—author of Passion Driven Education and the Tuttle Twins book series) and interactive workshops curated to help you create a more enjoyable and connective home education experience all around.
Bring a friend, and save $5 each if you purchase before April 8th, 11:59pm