After Four Home Break-Ins Last Week Alone Placer Sheriff’s Office Reminds You to be Bear Safe!

Tahoe City, CA…Last week, homes on the West Shore in Lake Tahoe had four bear break-ins over a two-day period! The bears used enough force to break the door jambs on the residences’ front doors and entered the homes. Summertime brings increased numbers of visitors, more human food, more garbage and more people sharing space with bears. Be vigilant with food and trash storage whether at home, the beach, campgrounds, picnic areas, or trailheads. Enjoy wildlife from a distance, and as tempting as it may be, don’t approach the bears.

Please follow these guidelines to keep everybody safe:

– Do not teach these young bears to be comfortable around people! If they have gotten too close, make noise and try to scare them away.
– It is illegal to feed bears both directly and indirectly by allowing them access to garbage or food.
– Do not leave food or beverages inside your vehicle or outside your residence; this includes food for your pets.
– Use bear-resistant garbage cans to dispose of your household waste. Latch the cans properly and do not overfill them.
– Store food in bear-resistant canisters or storage lockers while recreating in the backcountry.
– Hike in groups and keep an eye on small children.
– Keep dogs on a leash. Off-leash dogs can provoke bears to respond defensively.
– Watch for signs of bears, such as bear scat along trails or claw marks on trees.
– Stay alert and make noise while on trails so bears know you are there and can avoid you.
– Never approach bears or cubs. Always keep a safe distance and never get between a sow and her cubs.

To report human-bear conflicts, contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at 916-358-2917