Operation Adopt-A-Hydrant Is On Fire!

North Lake Tahoe, CA/NV…FF/PM Steve Park digging for hydrants…he found this one in 10 feet of snow at Pet Network! Fire personnel work daily to uncover and clear our hydrants. We have over 1000 hydrants within our jurisdiction — please help us and Adopt A Hydrant near your home or business.

The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has over 1000 fire hydrants within our fire jurisdiction. With the recent snowstorms and more on the way, it has been difficult to impossible to keep all of our fire hydrants clear. The 2012 International Fire code section 507.5.4 and NLTFPD resolution 13-1 states that fire hydrants must be free of obstructions and immediately visible. If fire hydrants are located on private property, it is the homeowners or Homeowners Association (HOA) responsibility to keep the fire hydrant(s) clear.

Fire personnel are working daily to uncover and clear hydrants. We have also enlisted help from the Nevada Division of Forestry hand crews for additional support as we continue to work towards getting all hydrants cleared, initially triaging the upper subdivisions and major thoroughfares.

By Adopting A Hydrant closest to your home or business and keeping it clear of snow and debris you can help to make our community safer. We appreciate the members of our community who already maintain hydrants in their neighborhood and encourage everyone to participate. Please take a few minutes to fill out the online adoption form and make a hydrant near you a member of your family. Please email your form to Trancourt@nltfpd.net. Tag yourself in a photo using #AdoptAHydrant2017 and share with us on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/NorthLakeTahoeFire and our Twitter page at www.twitter.com/NLTahoeFire.

When maintaining a hydrant please try to ensure that a three-foot clear space is maintained around the hydrant and to the roads edge.

If you notice a fire hydrant that is not marked with a “FH” pole, please let us know by calling our Fire Prevention Bureau at 775-831-0351, ext. 8127.

If you notice a damaged or leaking fire hydrant, please call Incline Village General Improvement Public Works at 775-832-1203.

Also, please keep rooftops clear of excessive snow and watch for forming cornices that can pose a dangerous situation. Ask for professional snow removal services to help with this. We also recommend knowing where your gas meter is located and keeping it clear.