Traffic Cameras

Lake Tahoe Area…Caltrans has an extensive network of traffic cams if you would like to see how many of the roads are fairing in real time. Not all are 100% operational during at all times but enough are that you can get a good picture of how the local roads are fairing. Some of the links are below

Hwy 80/89 Junction
Hwy 89/28 Junction
Hwy 89/50 Junction
Hwy 267/80 Junction

80 at Applegate
80 at Colfax
80 at Crystal Springs
80 at Dutch Flat
80 at Floriston
80 at Kingvale EB
80 at Kingvale WB
50 at Meyers
50 at Ski Run
80 at Truckee
80 at Truckee Scales
80 at Whitmore Grade
89 at Rampart
80 at Soda Springs EB
80 at Soda Springs WB
89 at Squaw

267 at Northstar

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