Hwy 50 Fully Reopened to the Public this Morning.

South Lake Tahoe, CA….Highway 50 fully opened to the public at 8am this morning. No permits will be needed for residents to gain access to properties not included on forest service land. If your property is on forest service land, please contact the forest service for access details.

For residents and property owners who did not drive through the summit yesterday, the EDSO trailer will remain at Fresh Pond to provide a packet of safety and assistance information.

Many of the structures or properties have tree crews and utility crews cutting down large and dangerous trees and fire crews putting out smoldering hot spots. If you show up at your property and there are tree crews, utility crews or fire personnel in the area; make sure they know where you are at all times for your own safety.
Information packets can be obtained from EDSO at the Fresh Pond Chevron parking lot – 7720 US 50, Pollock Pines from 8am-4pm, after which time the packets will be available at the Sheriff’s Office at 200 Industrial Drive, Diamond Springs.

For additional information regarding the #CaldorFire, including information on Returning Home from a Wildfire, scan the QR code above or visit https://linktr.ee/caldorfire.