Placer County Sees Spike in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Auburn, CA…The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has seen a recent spike in catalytic converter thefts across the county. There have been 57 documented catalytic converter thefts over the last five months, and at least 15 of those thefts occurred in the month of February.

The sheriff’s office is now launching a program to curb the spike in thefts by partnering with local auto repair shops to engrave the license plate or VIN number of a citizen’s vehicle onto the catalytic converter, for a $15 fee. The converter will also be stamped with a “Placer County Sheriff” logo to ward off thieves and make it easier for the catalytic converter to be returned to its owner if it is recovered from a theft.

One shop the sheriff’s office is working with is Knutz Auto and Repair, in Rocklin. If you are a licensed auto repair shop in unincorporated Placer County and would like to participate in this program, please email us at: We understand this will not prevent all catalytic converter thefts, but we hope it will begin to deter them and provide deputies with an investigative tool to follow-up on your case should you become a victim.

Please watch our PSA for details!

Source = Placer County Sheriff’s Office

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