Dave Jones Can’t Have it Both Ways on Covered California

Rocklin, CA….In response to California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones calling on California insurers and HMOs to allow policy holders to keep existing coverage through 2014, Senator Ted Gaines, Republican candidate for California Insurance Commissioner, released the following statement:

“When it comes to Covered California, Dave Jones is all over the map” said Gaines. “In 2010 he voted to establish the Covered California program and to have it conform to the federal health care law. As Insurance Commissioner, Jones has spent the past three years bragging about how closely he’s worked with Covered California on the implementation of the law. Now, Dave Jones is trying to position himself as the champion of those Californians who have seen their health care insurance policies cancelled as a result of a law he supported and worked to implement. This is a flip-flop of epic proportions.

“At least President Obama had the decency to acknowledge his failures and apologize to the American people,” continued Gaines. “Dave Jones should follow the President’s lead and apologize to Californians for failing to anticipate the mess he helped create.”

Ted Gaines is a Republican candidate for California Insurance Commissioner. Since 2011, he has served in the State Senate, and previously served in the State Assembly (2006-2011). For the past 30 years, Sen. Gaines has been a family insurance agent and small business owner. A fifth-generation Californian, Sen. Gaines lives in Rocklin with his wife Beth and their six children.

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