Another Big Rig Has Trouble at Cadillac Curve on Hwy 4

Markleeville, CA…From CHP South Lake Tahoe…”On June 24, 2020, S. Lake Tahoe CHP officers responded to a call of a big rig stuck on SR-4 at Cadillac Curve in Alpine County. At approximately 5:00 am, while attempting to travel through the hairpin curve, the driver of the big rig was unable to negotiate the tight right-hand curve, and the vehicle became stuck partially blocking the road. SR-4 at this location is restricted to vehicles over 65 feet in length. The truck and trailer measured over 71 feet in length.

The driver was cited for being on this roadway with an overlength vehicle. This section of road, which is west of the junction of SR-4 and SR-89 (south of Markleeville), is not advised for any vehicles over 25 feet in length.

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