South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue Sends First Responders to “Camp” Fire

South Lake Tahoe, CA- South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue announced today 4 people from the department would head to the fast growing “Camp” fire in Butte County to help other first responders there. Cpt. Tyler Jack, Steve Monday, Scott Blasser, and James Berthinier will head out today. Their deployment is expected to last the next 14 days.

“This fire is powerful, unpredictable, and dangerous,” said Chief Jeff Meston. “It takes massive
amounts of staffing to stop these fires. We know our neighbors need help, and that’s why we’re
stepping in to do just that.”

SLTFR is also sending a Type 3 engine for structure defense. The engine will be a part of a
strike team from the XTB.

The Butte County Sheriffs Office started issuing evacuations this morning. The fire has already
burned thousands of acres and continues to grow.

They’re encouraging everyone to follow law enforcement instructions and heed evacuation
orders in that area.

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