Bijou Marketplace Groundbreaking Ceremony

South Lake Tahoe, CA…The City of South Lake Tahoe hosted a groundbreaking ceremony of the Bijou Marketplace located at the corner of Highway 50 and Ski Run Blvd. City of South Lake Tahoe Mayor Austin Sass said, “When our visitors come down Highway 50 and reach the Gateway to Heavenly, now they will be greeted with a brand new Whole Foods 365. I’ve always said that Ski Run Blvd. had the potential to be like the Gas Light District in San Diego or Melrose in the Hollywood area and now we will have an area where people can stroll around and go into unique shops and restaurants.”

Chris Peto of the Bijou Marketplace, LLC, the owner of the project, said, “This project has been many years in the making and we are excited to be here and bring this project to South Lake Tahoe.”

Also in attendance was R. Adam Smith, Executive Coordinator of Design and Construction for Whole Foods said, “We’ve been wanting to be a member of the community in Lake Tahoe for many years and we are very excited to be able to bring Whole Foods Market 365 as one of the first stores in the country, right here in South Lake Tahoe.”