Tahoe Fund Donors Provide Much Needed Support for 2013 Signature Projects

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Tahoe Fund donors, four important environmental projects that will restore lake clarity and improve recreation will now be possible. In total, donors raised more than $130,000 for the Emerald Bay Asian Clam Control Project, West Shore Bike Trail, Sand Harbor Beach Improvements and the Angora Creek Bridge Restoration Project. “State Parks is very proud to be a partner with the Tahoe Fund and a recipient of project funds to help implement the Sand Harbor Beach Improvement project,” said Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Supervisor Jay Howard. “It’s wonderful to see the Tahoe Fund facilitating a ‘Partnership with the Public’ and getting everyone involved with the stewardship of this most precious resource, Lake Tahoe.”  “The private community of individuals and businesses has once again shown their desire and ability to help improve the Tahoe environment,” added Tahoe Fund Chair Timothy Cashman.  “We are so thankful for their generosity and support of these wonderful projects.”  To learn more about these wonderful projects, click here.

Tahoe Fund In Search of Great 2014 Environmental Projects The Tahoe Fund is actively seeking environmental improvement projects in the Tahoe Basin that will restore lake clarity, improve outdoor recreation, and build a stronger sense of stewardship in the region. The organization plans to build a portfolio of such projects in need of monetary support that can attract donations from the private community of individuals, businesses and foundations. The board of directors will choose a handful of projects to be 2014 Signature Projects and the focus of the Fund’s summer fundraising activities.  Find the RFP here.

Tahoe Fund Donor Profile: Steven and Sandy Hardie
Steven and Sandy Hardie first visited Tahoe as young children. Steven remembers learning to ski outfitted in wooden skis with cable bindings, big baggy wool pants and bamboo poles with big leather baskets. Once in high school, he and his brother started coming up to ski. They would camp out in the parking lot of Squaw Valley. At 16, Steven taught Sandy to ski at Alpine Meadows. After high school, Sandy worked at the Cal-Neva with girlfriends during the summer and learned to love water skiing and the outdoor environment of Tahoe. Many years later the two reconnected, married, and bought a condo in Crystal Bay. It is their favorite place in Tahoe. “The sunsets in Tahoe are like no other, with the stars being so majestic to look at with the cool evening breeze,” said Sandy. “For us Lake Tahoe is a picture perfect place to spend our summers.” At sixty, Steven is currently training for an Ironman, and uses the condo as his training base. He can often be found swimming in the Lake with his dogs or hydro-foiling across the water on a sit-on ski behind his boat. “I recently saw an interview by Julia Mancuso and she said she loves anything liquid-no matter what form its in,” said Steven. “That would be the same for me.” Steven and Sandy chose to support the Tahoe Fund by joining the Founders Circle campaign at the Platinum level. “We believe in the approach of the Tahoe Fund. There are too many naysayers in Tahoe that don’t see how we can get positive things done,” said Steven. “We like that the Tahoe Fund recognizes that there are always going to be people around the Lake. Let’s do something positive to improve the experience for everyone.”
“Lake Tahoe has always been a part of our life. To maintain the beauty for everyone else to enjoy as much as we do is wonderful,” said Sandy. “We feel it is an honor to be a part of an organization that has the passion, commitment and drive to keep Tahoe a paradise.“

Founding Board Chair Cindy Gustafson Wins Spirit of Lake Award
Founding Board Chair of the Tahoe Fund, Cindy Gustafson, was honored with the Spirit of the Lake award for her years-long commitment to the north shore community, particularly in her perseverance to construct bike trails and sidewalks in and around Tahoe City and for her leadership in creating and chairing the the Tahoe Fund.

Tahoe Fund CEO Named Twenty Under 40 Honoree
Amy Berry was named a Twenty Under 40 honoree by the Reno Gazette Journal and the Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network for her work as the CEO of the Tahoe Fund.  Chosen from a pool of 195 applicants, the committee chose Amy thanks in large part to the early success of the Tahoe Fund. In a Sunday Feature of the paper, she was highlighted for “living a dream protecting the Lake.” Read the story here.