Placer County Employees Gear up to Support Charitable Organizations with Approved Voluntary Donation Program

Auburn, CA…A program that will encourage Placer County employees to contribute to the charitable program of their choice was approved Tuesday by the Supervisors when they declared October as the Placer County Combined Giving Campaign Month.

After a hiatus for several years, the program will allow all employees to voluntarily make donations to charities and causes through payroll deductions. Before the program was suspended, Placer County employees had contributed more than $1.2 million to myriad charities and organizations since 1995.

The Campaign brings critical support to employees, their families and community members. Through voluntary workplace giving, county employees have created a culture of philanthropy.

“I’ve been working with Placer County for 17 years and I’ve seen the community mindedness of the residents and certainly the employees,” Dr. Richard J. Burton, Placer County Director of Public Health, said the Board during the meeting. “We’re here to celebrate and move on with the Combined Giving Campaign.”

Placer County will use county intranet for employees to make pledges. The 2013 campaign will include charities affiliated with Community Health Charities of California, Earth Share of California, The Metropolitan Arts Partnership, Placer Community Foundation, United Way California Capitol Region, as well as the Placer County Trust Fund for Animals, the Placer County Open Space- Placer Legacy Fund, the Employee Scholarship Fund and the Placer County Library Charitable Giving Fund. All of these 501(c)(3) organizations have been vetted and approved as fiscally sound, providing the most efficient charity support to our communities.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our county and for employees to be able to give something back,” said Sheriff Edward N. Bonner when he addressed the Supervisors.

Employees will be able to sign up to make donations during the month of October. The contributions will continue until this time next year.