Endangered Tahoe Yellow Cress Stewardship Project

Tahoe Yellow Cress is small native plant that grows on the beaches of Lake Tahoe and nowhere else in the world. Currently, the Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (NTCD) is working with lakefront property owners on a stewardship project to educate homeowners on Tahoe Yellow Cress and offer opportunities to steward it on their property.

Since 2002, the Tahoe yellow cress Adaptive Management Working Group has been researching the population dynamics of Tahoe yellow cress (TYC) and learning how to best protect it. Now, through this stewardship project, the working group is able to reach out to homeowners and help them learn how they can be a part of these conservation efforts. “This species, regardless of the actions of public agencies, cannot be protected without stewardship by private landowners” – TYC Conservation Strategy

As part of the project, a NTCD staff member is able to meet on property to help the homeowner better understand, identify, and protect Tahoe yellow cress. During this meeting, the staff member checks for Tahoe yellow cress and yellow cress habitat and provides a detailed plan on how to steward TYC on their property. While on property, NTCD staff can also offer general information on how to create a native landscape and how to avoid unwanted invasive plant species.

Participation in this Program is entirely voluntary, non-regulatory, and confidential. All suggestions provided by Zephyr Cove, NV…NTCD can be implemented at the owner’s discretion. Lakefront property owners in Nevada who value the importance of a healthy Lake Tahoe ecosystem and want to conserve Tahoe’s natural resources can contact Dana Olson at 775-586-1610 ex. 25.

For more information on Tahoe yellow cress, visit the website: TahoeYellowCress.org

Nevada Tahoe Conservation District is Nevada Lake Tahoe’s local conservation agency. It seeks to provide superior technical assistance, educational resources, and conservation leadership with the goal of preserving Lake Tahoe’s natural resources. The District is a non-regulatory and grant funded agency that works closely with its federal, state, and local partners to deliver conservation programs to the Nevada Lake Tahoe community. Find out more at ntcd.org

This program was made possible through a grant from the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF).