Three Fires Working in Douglas County

Minden, CA…Listed below are the current locations were Fire personnel are currently working fires in Douglas County.

#1 Hwy 395 and Leviathan Mine Road, The fire is on the East Side of Hwy 395 near Spring Valley Drive. The fire has been contained to 2-3 trees.

#2 Pinenut Road near Sierra Spirit Ranch, 2 fires have been report in the area. The first fire is east of Lena Road and, the second on Mt. Segal. These fires are in heavy fuel as well however, are laying down due to the current rain fall.

#3 Sunrise Pass Road, there are 3 fires have been reported in this area and the fires are in heavy fuel, however the fire is laying down due to the current rain fall and fire crews on scene.

No structures are threatened at this time and no injuries have been reported.