Multi-Agency I-80 Challenge is Underway.

Reno, NV…The “I-80” Challenge began on July 24th and is off to a good start in Nevada and so
far the Nevada Highway Patrol has been able to accomplish the main goal of no
fatalities on Interstate 80. It has been two days since the start of the Challenge and
Nevada Highway Patrol, has investigated 6 accidents with no fatalities. NHP has
issued over 400 cites and has given over 200 warnings.

The I-80 Challenge will last until July 31st. NHP is working hard to make sure they
are doing their part on reaching the goal by providing high visibility to reduce fatal
accidents within the 410 miles of Interstate 80 across the State of Nevada.

NHP wants the residents of Nevada and its guests to drive safe, using greater
distance between cars, limit distractions, wear your seat belt to reduce the severity
of injuries if they are involved in a vehicle accident. Join us in the goal of no
fatalities. Pull over and call *NHP if you see a problem on the highway.