Missing Teen Possibly in South Lake Tahoe Area

South Lake Tahoe, CA (July 18, 2013) – The attached pictures are of a missing 16-year-old juvenile named Autumn Ellison. She is a white female, 5’-1” tall, 100 pounds, with long brown hair and blue eyes. Ellison has been missing from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina since July 7th, 2013. She has no vehicle or cell phone. South Carolina investigators advise Ellison is likely in our area, associating with friends she knows locally and in the Reno area. Mt. Pleasant police believe Ellison does not want to be located or identified, and will likely provide a false name and/or ID documents to authorities. They also believe she may be at risk, but details related to what type of risk have not yet been specified to SLTPD. There has been a social media page dedicated to communicating information regarding Autumn Ellison: www.facebook.com/findautumnellison . We are asking for the public’s assistance in locating Autumn Ellison. If you have information regarding Autumn, please call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department or Detective Corporal Daniel Eckert of the Mt. Pleasant PD in South Carolina at 843-884-4176.

Ellison 2

Ellison 3