Autopsy Today in Pioneer Trail Death Case…

South Lake Tahoe, CA (July 23, 2013) – SLTPD detectives and patrol officers continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the stabbing death this past weekend on Pioneer Trail of 28-year-old South Lake Tahoe resident Julian Acevedo Salvador. This is the first homicide investigation in South Lake Tahoe during 2013. The suspect remains unidentified and at large at this time. Several items of evidence have been identified and collected from the crime scene. Many witnesses to this event have also been identified and questioned. Investigators are actively continuing in their search for more information. An autopsy of the victim is being conducted today. This will fully identify the number and nature of wounds the victim sustained.

Updated information now indicates this conflict was one-on-one between the suspect and victim. The conflict appears to have originated with a verbal exchange, which progressed to a physical fight between them. There is no confirmed information which indicates the suspect and victim were acquainted or that this event is gang related. Because the suspect is still unidentified and at large, and there are many witness and potential suspect interviews pending, it is important that specific details regarding the precise nature of how this event unfolded remain un-released to the public at this time. This case has generated numerous avenues of investigation, and several officers are actively participating in the effort. The SLTPD continues to request information from anyone who may be able to help identify the suspect. He is described as: White Male Adult in his mid-20’s, average to short height (approx. 5’-8”) and weight proportionate to height.

The public is encouraged to call SLTPD at 530-542-6100 or Secret Witness at 530-541-6800.