Armed Suspect Arrested After Strangling Mother to Unconciousness

South Lake Tahoe, CA…On Wednesday, April17th, 2013 at around 0630 am police dispatch received a report at 899 Tahoe Island Drive that an intoxicated adult man, identified as 21 year old Skylor Klisch, had battered and strangled his 45 year old mother to the point of her losing consciousness. The son fled their shared residence on a bicycle while officers were responding. Officers saw Klisch riding east on the bicycle path near Rubicon Trail. Klisch refused to stop for officers. Klisch pedaled his bicycle across Lake Tahoe Boulevard with officers in pursuit. The suspect lost traction on the snowy terrain and fell to the ground. When officers took Klisch into custody they found he was in possession of a .22 caliber handgun and ammunition. Klisch was booked into the jail on charges of felony battery, resisting arrest. At the jail he was discovered to have a small package of marijuana. He was also booked for bringing a controlled substance into the El Dorado County Jail.

The victim regained consciousness and was provided further assistance with an emergency protective order issued by the court to prevent Klisch from contacting his mother until the matter can be heard in court.