Clean Air Grant Application Period Begins for Placer County

Auburn, CA…The Placer County Air Pollution Control District is now seeking applications for their 2013 Clean Air Grant Program. The goal of the program is to incentivize emission reducing projects, in Placer County, not otherwise required by law. The open application period begins January 1 and will close at 5:00 pm on February 28, 2013. Applications will be available on our website or in person, during this time. The deadline for application submittals is February 28.

The District has approximately $950 thousand available for eligible projects, such as heavy duty diesel on-road (>8500 lbs. GVW) and off-road (> 50 hp) repowers, retrofits, and replacements (which are not currently subject to State emission compliance deadlines within the next three years), public education, and other innovative concepts to reduce criteria air pollutants.

Eligible projects will be evaluated on a cost-effective basis, with respect to the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and diesel particulate matter (DPM) emissions (not green house gas emissions). All projects selected for funding must operate at least 75% of their time within Placer County and be completed within two years or less of grant approval.

CAG workshops, which will provide information about the overall program, are scheduled for 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on January 23, 2013. Go to our website or call us for workshop locations, to apply for a grant, or for more information. or Heather Kuklo at (530) 745-2339.