Nevada Couple Stll Missing After Extensive Search

Citrus Heights, CA…On 11/30/2012, Citrus Heights Police Department received a report of two missing adults. The subjects identified as Roderick Paul Clifton (44 years old) and Paula Lane (46 years old) both of Gardnerville Nevada, were last seen leaving a relative’s home in Citrus Heights on 11/29/2012 at approximately 2:45P.M. The two were supposed to return to their home in Nevada on the same date. However, neither party has been heard from since nor are they answering their cellular telephones. Relatives are fearful due to the current roadway conditions in the mountains….

The report was categorized as missing at risk due to the details of the incident and no prior history of being missing. A Critical Reach TRAK Flier was created with photographs of the subjects and distributed to all California and Nevada agencies. Please reference Citrus Heights
Case# CH12-12148.

They are driving a Dark Blue, 1989 Jeep Cherokee, Lic # 4VPB789. Their usual route is HWY50 into Tahoe, then onto HWY89. The California Highway Patrol and El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department has been notified of the missing adults. Anybody with information regarding the missing subjects is urged to call the Citrus Heights Police Department at (916)727-4785.

12/3/12 UPDATE:
Roderick Clifton and Paula Lane, as well as the vehicle they were driving, remain missing. Roderick Clifton is a Citrus Heights resident who stays part time with Lane at her home in Nevada. Citrus Heights PD will continue to coordinate the investigation into their disappearance at this time while working with allied law enforcement agencies.

Throughout the weekend ground officers from El Dorado Sheriffs, Alpine Sheriff’s, the California Highway Patrol, and the Douglas County (NV) Sheriff’s department as well as families and friends of the missing parties have searched their route for them. Today the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit coordinated an aerial search by a CHP Helicopter and snow machine search of roads in the Sierras closed due to snow. The CHP air crew searched the routes most likely taken by Clifton and Lane through El Dorado and Alpine Counties. Citrus Heights Police Department Investigators have found no evidence the missing parties are involved in criminal activity or have met with foul play. A search of credit card and cell phone activity has not produced any leads on their whereabouts. All information points to some unintended event occurring during their drive between Citrus Heights and Gardnerville. Family reports their couple’s normal route is Highway 50 to 89, to 88 into Gardnerville, NV.

Search operations have concluded for the day and we are evaluating continuation of searches tomorrow based on recommendations from allied agencies. Any persons with information should notify Citrus Heights PD Dispatch at (916) 727-5500.