Gaines Receives High Marks From California Taxpayers Association

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Gaines (R-Rocklin), today announced that she received a top grade from the California Taxpayers Association (CalTax), the state’s oldest watchdog group on tax and other public finance issues, for their 2012 Legislative Voting Record report card. This is the second consecutive year Assemblywoman Gaines has received high marks from CalTax.

“I am honored to serve in the Legislature and fight for California taxpayers,” Gaines said. “With the announcement of so many businesses fleeing the state recently, I am committed to defending taxpayers and job creators from burdensome regulations and taxes that stifle growth.”

CalTax compiles bills of highest priority to taxpayers voted on by the Senate and Assembly, including:

· Illegal Fire Tax Repeal: CalTax supported Assembly Bill 1506, coauthored by Assemblywoman Gaines, which would have repealed an illegally-approved and unfair tax on homeowners living in areas where the state is responsible for fire protection. This measure did not pass through the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

· Cap-and-Trade Tax Increase on Job Creators: Assembly Bill 1532 establishes a wide framework for spending cap-and-trade auctions revenues. These revenues will be a direct result of $146 billion in new taxes levied on employers in California. Assemblywoman Gaines voted against this measure; however, was signed by Governor Brown.

· Exposing Confidential Employer Tax Information: Assembly Bill 2439 will breach the confidential information of taxpayers by requiring the Franchise Tax Board to identify and disclose the 500 largest publicly traded businesses subject to taxes in California. Assemblywoman Gaines voted against this measure. This bill failed passage in the Senate.

Gaines said that tax increases only add to California’s reputation as an unfriendly place to do business. The Golden State most recently ranked 47th in the nation for its poor business climate. California also has the nation’s highest sales tax at 7.25 percent, second highest gas tax at 67 cents per gallon, and second highest income tax for top earners.

California Taxpayers Association President Teresa Casazza said, “Assemblywoman Gaines’ high score on the California Taxpayers Association Voting Record shows that she understands the major impact that issues involving tax policy have on Californians and their employers. The taxpayers appreciate her support for legislation needed to improve our state’s economy and tax structure.”

In 2011, Assemblywoman Gaines joined fellow Assembly Members to fight yet another costly tax increase proposed by Governor Brown and the majority party. As a result of Gaines’ leadership, California families saw an average tax relief of $1,000.

Assemblywoman Beth Gaines represents the 4th Assembly District, which includes portions of Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento and Alpine counties.