Sheriff’s Office Reports a Rash of Bomb Calls throughout the Region

Reno, NV…The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Consolidated Bomb Squad, comprised of law enforcement personnel from throughout the Truckee Meadows, wants to warn the public of the dangers of three types of artificially made bombs: dry ice, acid and alcohol.

Within the past 2-3 weeks, these types of bombs have been located in several areas throughout Washoe County. These types of bombs are capable of causing minor property damage as well as potentially causing serious bodily harm.

The fact of the matter is: these bombs can be simply created by using products and/or items stored within any household. Also, the internet will give someone straightforward instructions on how to make bombs within minutes. That is what raises concern to all law enforcement officers and is a serious risk to public safety.

The reports we are observing are typically related to juvenile delinquency. Children in our region may create these types of bombs as a joking matter, simple curiosity, peer pressure, to destroy property, or seek revenge against another person or persons.

Remember that these types of bombs are no laughing matter, dangerous and unlawful!

In the reports the Sheriff’s Office is referring to, the perpetrators are basically putting their products inside a plastic bottle, sealing it tightly, and then shaking it to cause the chemical reaction. These chemical reactions are unpredictable. They can explode within seconds or a few minutes.

These particular types of bombs are not incendiary (designed to start fire), demolition (used to destroy structures), fragmentation (bomb shatters into thousands of small splinters which become small projectiles), or dispersion bombs (used to spread chemical, biological, or radioactive material upon detonation). However, these incidents do rise to the level of improvised explosive devices (IED). IED’s are especially dangerous and represent a significant risk to the safety and security of the public as well.

If a bomb or otherwise suspicious device is found: do not touch it, do not move it, do not jar it, and do not touch anything attached to it. The disposal of any item suspected of being an explosive must only be done by individuals trained in ordinance disposal.

The Consolidated Bomb Squad wants to remind the public that all bomb threats need to be taken seriously. Everyone needs to understand the dangers and risks involved in bomb reports. These incidents need to be reported immediately to your local law enforcement agency. Law enforcement will arrive and establish a safe and secure perimeter that allows other emergency responders to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible, as well as providing investigators with a secure and uncompromised crime scene, which can be critical in determining who is responsible for potential injuries, loss of life and damage to property.

The Sheriff’s Office urges the public to immediately report bomb threats and suspicious packages by calling 911. Parents, guardians, and responsible persons must talk about the dangers associated with these incidents with their children in the hopes of avoiding a preventable tragedy.

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The Consolidated Bomb Squad is part of the Northern Nevada Federal Task Force, which is the first federal bomb task force in the nation. The Northern Nevada Federal Task Force is comprised of 9 law enforcement agencies, with three pending agencies.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office celebrated 150 years of proud service and community partnership in 2011. Sheriff Michael Haley is the 25th person elected to serve as the Sheriff of Washoe County. His office continues to be the only full service public safety agency operating within northern Nevada and is responsible for operating the consolidated detention facility, regional crime lab, Northern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center, Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, court security, service of civil process, traditional street patrols and Regional Animal Services.