Runner Says First Fire Tax Bills Mail August 13

SACRAMENTO – George Runner today warned that the State of California will begin mailing the first of more than 825,000 “Fire Prevention Fee” bills on Monday, August 13.

“It’s not fair; it’s not constitutional, but thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature, fire tax bills are coming all the same,” said Runner.

The tax, approved as a fee by a simple majority vote of the Legislature last year, charges residential property owners in rural areas $150 for each habitable structure located on their land. Property owners who pay for local fire protection will receive a $35 reduction.

To help inform California taxpayers, Runner has established a website,, providing information about the new fire tax. Californians can visit this site to find out if they might soon receive a fire tax bill. They can also learn details regarding the process, timeline and grounds for filing an appeal.

The bills will go out in alphabetical order by county between August and early December. The state has released the following partial mailing schedule:

ALAMEDA August 13th through 14th

ALPINE August 14th

AMADOR August 14th through 17th

BUTTE August 17th through 24th

CALAVERAS August 24th through 29th

COLUSA August 29th

CONTRA COSTA August 29th

DEL NORTE August 29th through 30th

EL DORADO August 30th through September 7th

FRESNO September 7th through 10th

GLENN September 10th

HUMBOLDT September 10th through 12th

IMPERIAL September 12th

INYO September 12th