Topaz Ranch Estates Water Still Unsafe to Drink

Minden, NV…A ‘Do Not Drink’ order remains in effect for customers of the Topaz Ranch Estates General Improvement District (TRE GID) water system.

On Sunday, customers of the system were notified of a required “boil before consumption” order due to potential contamination in the system. Yesterday the order was upgraded by the State of Nevada Bureau of Water Quality to “do not consume at all – even if boiled”.

The TRE GID continues to work diligently to resolve the problem. At this time it is unknown when the water system will be restored back to a non-restrictive status.

Residents are reminded that this order is in effect for water used for potential human consumption only, such as drinking, cooking or brushing teeth. Other water uses, such as bathing, washing vehicles, or watering of residential lawns/plants, may continue as normal.

Due to this order remaining in effect, the TRE GID is continuing to contract a private potable water truck to make potable water service available to the community.

The truck is available at the Topaz Ranch Estates Community Center, located at 3939 Carter Dr, Wellington NV (at the end of Carter Dr, cross street of Albite Rd).

Homeowners will need to provide containers to fill water from the truck.

East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts, acting as Emergency Management, has been assisting the TRE GID throughout this event, and continues to do so.