Go Jump In The Lake By Mayor Claire Fortier

South Lake Tahoe, CA…There are so many real issues we face as a city and significant problems we must solve. But not today!

Today, this week, this month, this season is all about the fun. It’s summer in Tahoe and the weather is glorious.

Take off your shoes and run in the sand. See how far you can walk out into the lake before your feet tingle with the cold. Grab your beach chair and a book. Ride a jet ski or a mountain bike. Hike a forested trail the ends in an amazing vista. Find a hidden waterfall or cove. Watch nature unfold in all its glory.

This is the time of year to celebrate the beauty and bounty that we all lucky enough to enjoy. This is summer in Tahoe. It don’t get no better than this.

Certainly the summer has gotten off to a great start. The South Tahoe Chamber opened the season with a real retro twist, a parade down Hwy. 50. For those who participated in the parade, it was just great fun. With so many people cheering and wishing each other a Happy 4th of July, it just brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Immediately after the parade, the chamber gathered folks to the senior center to honor those who served in the military and to remember those who lost their lives so we could enjoy our freedom. These are the kinds of events that create the strong bonds of community.

Even more amazing were the crowds that lined the streets, even as early as 8 a.m. to wait for “Lights on the Lake.” The annual fireworks event, sponsored by the casino core and other major businesses, has gained an incredible following, recently named the ninth best fireworks in the world. And what a show it was. Dazzling would be an understatement.

Equally as entertaining were the throngs of people at Lakeview Commons and along the beaches around the lake. Families were picnicking, playing music, splashing in the waves, standup paddling, kayaking and just hanging out. It was a celebration of our lake and our lives. It was what life is meant to be—fun, family and freedom.

But let’s not stop there. Let’s make this 4th that start of a month-long celebration. For the moment, let’s suspend the problems that divide us and the issues that ignite us. They will all be there next month. But maybe with a little fun and a measure of play, they won’t seem nearly as contentious.

In short, go jump in the lake. Just make sure to wear your life jacket.

Claire Fortier


City of South Lake Tahoe