Serious Injuries Sustained in Fight at Mo’s

Tahoe South, CA/NV…On Sunday, 5/20/2012 at approximately 0036 hours, Officers responded to Mo’s Place at 3600 Lake Tahoe Blvd for a report of a fight between unruly patrons and security staff. When officers arrived, they learned that the business owner had been punched and knocked unconscious by a patron who had been asked to leave the establishment due to unruly conduct. Officers found this patron lying unconscious on the floor, detained by security staff.

Officers ensured fire/paramedic response and checked the immediate welfare of both individuals. The unconscious patron had no pulse and was not breathing. Officers began an emergency medical response and were almost immediately relived by fire/medic personnel. By using CPR at the scene the man’s pulse was re-established. Both the patron and the owner were transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

SLTPD Detectives are investigating the case to determine, among other things, whether any criminal violations have occurred relative to amount of and type of force used upon the unruly patron in order to affect his arrest by private persons.

One Response to "Serious Injuries Sustained in Fight at Mo’s"

  1. Shay Helie   May 26, 2012, 9:25 pm at 9:25 pm

    I was a patron at the event that night and witnessed the police/fire staff work to bring this individual back to life. It happened exactly as your story states. Do you know the condition of the man that was revived? Or can you release his name so I can follow any updates on him?