South Tahoe, CA/NV…The City of South Lake Tahoe supports the Lake Tahoe Unified School District in educating and preventing illegal substances on school properties or within the City limits. The Police Department observed an increase in the use of Spice & Bath Salts as a drug of choice amongst teens and adults. The Police Department brought their concerns to the public and the City Council, and City Council took action. On March 20th, 2012 the City Council passed City Ordinance 1038 which became effective on 4/20/2012. This Ordinance makes it a misdemeanor for persons to possess, distribute, or produce these products within the City limits.

Businesses within the City which continue to sell and distribute Spice and Bath Salts will be prosecuted under the City Ordinance.

Future South Lake Tahoe Police enforcement operations are planned to ensure businesses comply with this new ordinance, and other state laws for the sales of these drugs and/or alcohol to minors.