Sheriff’s Office and NHP to Conduct a Data Driven Deployment in Incline Village

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol will be increasing law enforcement presence in Incline Village from January 6th – April 1st. This is due to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deployment of resources in accordance with the Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) initiative, which is a law enforcement operational model supported by a partnership among the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and two agencies of the Department of Justice: the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Justice.

DDACTS integrates location-based crime and traffic crash data to determine the most effective methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources. Incline Village has been identified as a site for deployment based on historical crime and motor vehicle accident data compiled by the Sheriff’s Office.

Working in partnership with the community, and with the assistance from NHP, the goal is overall deterrence of traffic violations which include vehicle and pedestrian accidents, reducing criminal activity and improving the overall quality of life. By providing high visibility law enforcement for a sustained period of time, we can actively enforce and educate violators on the importance of traffic and pedestrian safety. Residents will be advised on the importance of locking all doors to their houses and vehicles. The majority of residential burglary cases taken have been due to unlocked doors.