NY Startup Hopes to Drive Local Business

New York, NY- December 21, 2011 – Since its launch, Taap.it Live Local has made the growth and development of local small business a staple of its personal success. In light of the new Amazon “Price Check” app, which is having devastating results on small businesses this holiday season, Taap.it is launching a “not so amaz-ing” campaign to counter Amazon and assist small businesses.

In order to drive consumer traffic to local vendors around the country, starting this week and extending through the holiday season, Taap.it will offer consumers $10 off on selected items purchased through the app or online and picked up locally. “Local stores represent 99.7% of all employer firms, they keep our country running, we can’t turn our backs to them,” said Dave Balkaran, Director of Business Development at Taap.it.

Based on a shopper’s location, Taap.it enables them to find items in their cities from local stores. Shoppers are able to buy these items using their mobile device or their computers and are able to pick them up either the same day or the following day. If the buyer chooses to pick it up in-store, they will receive $10 off the item they purchased. All the items tagged with the hash tag #10bucksoff are subject to the $10 off. “We are simplifying the way consumers shop. No more waiting in lines and no more waiting for weeks for an item to be delivered,” said Dave. “At the same time we are connecting more local businesses with more local consumers.”

Allowing consumers to pick up the same day and offering them $10 off isn’t the only thing driving traffic to local businesses through Taap.it. The mobile app company has a sharing system in place which allows consumers to rate the items inside of a store and share it with friends. By rating the items and sharing it with friends consumers are earning points which they can later redeem for prizes.

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It’s also highly beneficial for small businesses, since the more their items are rated and shared the more visible their store will become. “Think foursquare with a more in-depth tone to it,” said Dave. “What is being offered inside the place matters more than the place itself. If you can walk into a restaurant and know what their best dish is, it will make your selection process that much easier.”

About Us: Taap.it Live Local is located in Midtown Manhattan with more than 20 employees and continues to grow fast. It was founded by a group of friends, including Duy Huynh, Ha Tran, Tien Nguyen, and Bao Huynh. Taap.it launched its beta at TechCrunch Disrupt late May 2001, and officially launched early July 2011. Over 5,000 businesses in NYC already signed up with Taap.it. It is now available both on Apple App Store and Android Market for FREE download.