Much of Bartley Ranch Regional Park re-opened on December 1

Much of fire-damaged Bartley Ranch Regional Park is scheduled to re-open on Thursday, December 1, 2011.

The park’s western and southern ridges were the most heavily damaged when the Caughlin fire swept through the park on the morning of Friday, November 18 and these areas will remain closed during rehabilitation for the safety of the public.

Areas that will remain closed include the popular Flume Trail, Quail Run Nature Trail and portions of the Ranch Loop Trail which connect Bartley Ranch to Anderson Park. Loss of vegetation and erosion issues have made these areas unstable and unsafe for public use. Keeping these areas closed will also help to protect natural resources during rehabilitation.

Signs and barriers have been placed inside the park to alert park visitors about areas that remain closed. Rehabilitation efforts are already underway and are expected to last until the spring.

Bartley Ranch Regional Park is managed by Washoe County’s Department of Regional Parks and Open Space. The Department’s mission is to provide exceptional parks and open space, and recreational opportunities while preserving our natural, historical and cultural resources. For more information, visit .