Tahoe Prosperity Center to Hold Industry Workshops….Tahoe Basin Industry Cluster Groups designed to boost regional innovation

Tahoe Basin — The newly formed Tahoe Prosperity Center is announcing a series of workshops to jump-start an effort to bring economic stability and prosperity back to the Tahoe Basin. The first workshops will take place November 15 in Incline Village at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and November 16 in South Lake Tahoe at the Lake Tahoe Community College. Business owners and leaders operating within the health and wellness, tourism and visitor services and environmental innovation are invited to attend. To learn more about the times and locations for the workshops go to www.tahoeprosperity.org.

Each workshop session will divide business participants into these three industry areas for discussion and planning. Over a period of time of working in the groups, participants will craft solutions for stimulating regional innovation by creating new products and services that not only serve local residents, but also appeal to the broader market outside the region. These three dominant industry clusters were analyzed during the 2010 regional planning process that resulted in the Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan (LTBPP).

At the initial meetings in November, the workshop participants will receive an overview of how industry cluster groups can act as economic drivers and effective ways for the groups to operate. The groups will review potential cluster initiatives originally proposed in the LTBPP. Participants at each cluster group meeting will also be invited to identify current issues and
opportunities that may impact the future success of businesses operating in each industry cluster and formulate next steps for each group.
For more information about the Tahoe Prosperity Center and how you can participate in one of the cluster groups, contact Richard Dempsey at 530-401-1498, email Rich.dempsey@att.net or Michael Ward: 530-573-0447, email mklward@pacbell.net. To read the LTBPP, go to www.tahoeprosperity.org.

About the Tahoe Prosperity Center
The nonprofit Tahoe Prosperity Center was established to realize the Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan goal to make the region — two states, five counties, 3,000 businesses, one incorporated city and numerous residential areas — into a portrait of regional economic success and stability as expressed by the vision:

The Lake Tahoe Basin is a world class center of innovation around green tourism, green building and sustainable design, scientific research and applications for environmental resource renewal and management, renewable energies, and health and wellness. “It is the sustainability powerhouse of the nation.”