Supervisors Hold Tahoe Public Hearing On Homewood Project

At a special meeting in Tahoe City on Tuesday, the Placer County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on a third-party appeal of a Planning Commission decision to approve the Homewood Mountain Resort Project. The Board heard from approximately 40 concerned members of the public who both spoke out in favor and against of the project. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Supervisors closed the hearing, but will allow the appellants to submit documents until November 28, 2011. Any additional information that is submitted by the appellants will be considered by the Board at its December 6, 2011 meeting. At that time, the Board will again take up the project at a regularly scheduled meeting in Auburn.

The project had previously been unanimously approved by both the Planning Commission and the North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council.

The Board continued the matter until its Dec. 6, 2011, meeting at the Planning Commission Chambers located in the Community Development Resource Center, located at 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn. The agenda for that meeting will be available to the public no later than the Friday before the meeting at 5 p.m. The agenda will be available online Dec. 2, 2011, by 5 p.m. at