Local Authorities Warn Residents Impacted By Caughlin Fire of Potential Scams

Reno, NV…Local authorities would like to warn all residents impacted by the Caughlin Fire to be aware of scams or ruses in which imposters pose as contractors, builders, or reputable charities. During and after tragedy or disasters, imposters lead a person to believe that repairs can be completed without verifying credentials or licenses. Also, be aware of charitable organizations with copy-cat names similar to but not exactly the same as those of reputable charities. Don’t be pressured into making a split second decision about repairs or donations, reputable businesses and charities do not use pressure tactics.

For local information on builders and contractors, contact The Builders Assosiation of Northern Nevada at 775-329-4611 or www.the builders.com or the Nevada State Contractors Board at 775-688-1141 or www.nvcontractorsboard.com. For donations, contact the American Red Cross at 775-856-1000 or at www.redcross.org.

The Sheriff’s Office urges the public to report suspicious persons, vehicles, activities or circumstances to law enforcement immediately by calling 775-832-WCSO (9276) or 775-334-COPS (2677). In case of an emergency, do not hesitate call dial 911.

A recommendation from authorities is that those impacted by the Caughlin Fire work directly with their insurance provider.