Tahoe Chamber Supports River Restoration and Golf Course Reconfiguration

South Lake Tahoe, CA…On October 13, 2011 the Tahoe Chamber Board of
Directors voted unanimously in favor of Alternative 2; the Upper Truckee
River Restoration and Golf Course Reconfiguration project.

The mission of the Tahoe Chamber is to sustain a high quality of life by
achieving economic vitality, with sensitivity and respect for the
environment. Restoring this section of the Upper Truckee River achieves all
three of these goals by reducing erosion, restoring natural river flows,
floodplains and meadows, strengthening the natural ecosystem, reducing the
impact of a dated golf course, and creating streamside buffer zones, whilst
maintaining recreational and economic benefits.

Furthermore, the Lake Tahoe Golf Course is the only affordable
regulation-size golf course on the South Shore, and fulfills the need for
quality outdoor public recreation. Equally irrefutable are the employment
opportunities the golf course supports and the revenue generated, which
helps to keep other California State Parks open.

For more information on this project, please visit
www.restoreuppertruckee.net or contact the Tahoe Chamber at 775-588-1728.