Sierra Fire Protection District Chief Resigns Due to Recent Health Developments

Washoe County, CA…Sierra Fire Protection District Chief Mike Greene, who recently underwent emergency surgery for a cardiac pacemaker, has announced his resignation effective November 10, 2011, on the advice of his physician.

The Board of Fire Commissioners for Sierra Fire is expected to take action at its October 25, 2011 meeting to accept the resignation. In his resignation letter, Chief Greene stated “with the safety of the community in mind and my health at risk, I ask the Board to accept my notice of resignation.”

Chief Greene was hired February 5, 2007 to lead the newly created Sierra Fire Protection District (SFPD) in its transfer from operation by the Nevada Department of Forestry to operation as a standalone agency, under the Board of Fire Commissioners for Sierra Fire. Greene has thirty-five years of combined fire and emergency medical service (EMS) experience, including twenty-nine years as a paramedic.

In his tenure, Chief Greene led SFPD in creating a nationally recognized community evacuation and fire prevention education program, expanded fire fuels management efforts and won a federal grant to initiate the construction of a fire station in the Arrowcreek community.

In his letter of resignation, Chief Green stated, “It has been an honor to be part of a District that is such a great source of community pride, and rightfully so. It represents the very best efforts of citizens, volunteers, and dedicated career staff working together with the Board to assure that high quality fire and emergency medical service continues undiminished into the future.” Chief Greene is expected to be on medical leave until November 10th and has appointed Battalion Chief Tim Leighton as Acting Chief, who has 22 years of experience.