Placer County Redistricting Approved

The Placer County Board of Supervisors held its final public hearing Tuesday to approve a redistricting map for the county which reflects the population changes reported in the 2010 Federal Census.

Changes to county supervisorial district boundaries were required because of significant changes in the pattern of growth during the last 10 years. Most of the more than 100,000 new residents live in western Placer County in the cities of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln. As of 2010, Placer County had more than 348,000 people.

While there has been significant growth in the west, little growth has occurred in the mountain sections of Placer County, and in Lake Tahoe. Some areas within the Tahoe Basin have actually seen a population decrease. In addition the City of Auburn, the Town of Loomis and some urban core areas have had limited or no growth.

In order to achieve parity between the supervisorial districts it was necessary to make a number of adjustments including the need to shift population into the easternmost supervisorial district in Placer County, District 5. As a result, the City of Auburn is being moved to the 5th District from the 3rd District. Other boundary line adjustments have occurred in western Placer County in order to try to achieve parity between districts.

District boundaries have been left intact wherever possible. By law the Board of Supervisors was able to consider “topography; geography; the cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, and compactness of territory and community interests of the districts” in making their decisions.

Because of the extensive public outreach program directed by the Board of Supervisors, the process has been largely free of controversy. Staff conducted a number of presentations at meetings of the County’s 14 Municipal Advisory Councils and other venues. In addition to providing public outreach, County staff took input during this process. Altogether a total of 23 presentations were made between the months of January and September 2011.

The sizes of supervisorial districts are:

· District One: 72,499 residents, 20.81 percent of the county’s total population (Represented by Sup. Jack Duran);

· District Two: 67,917 residents, 19.49 percent (Represented by Sup. Robert Weygandt);

· District Three: 68,730 residents, 19.73 percent (Represented by Sup. Jim Holmes);

· District Four: 72,544 residents, 20.82 percent (Represented by Sup. Kirk Uhler); and

· District Five: 66,742 residents, 19.15% (Represented by Sup. Jennifer Montgomery).
Maps and additional information about redistricting are available on the Placer County website, or by contacting the Board of Supervisors office at 530-889-4010.