Board Of Supervisors Honors Retired Lincoln High School Teacher

The Placer County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution Tuesday honoring Mark Fowler, a Lincoln High School teacher who retired last year after 37 years of teaching.

The resolution praises Fowler for his many years of dedication to both his students and the community of Lincoln, noting that he devoted his life to helping others through teaching, coaching, community involvement, leadership and voluntary service.

“He cared about the students, offered them opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom and challenged them to excel in their education to become quality individuals,” says the resolution.

It notes that peers describe Fowler as someone who makes a difference in the lives of young people well after they leave school by tracking their accomplishments and disappointments and offering wisdom and encouragement whenever possible. At the high school, he was a mentor for many teachers.

Fowler was honored as Placer County Teacher of the Year in 1997.

A graduate of Lincoln High, he started the school’s highly successful School Farm Program, which offers students instruction in agriculture, biology and natural history. As part of the curriculum, students were given practical experience in wildlife habitat by installing wood duck boxes on the school farm to documents life cycles and natural habits.

He also created the Sportsman Legacy Program, which provides students with scholarships for monitoring wood duck boxes around Placer County, and an outdoor education program that takes students all over the western United States to study wildlife, geology and cultural history.

He also developed an Outdoor Education Alumni Program and a Fish Project on the student farm. He served as a football coach for 32 years.

“Mark epitomizes public service. His innovation and commitment to excellence touched the lives of thousands of students. He will leave a lasting legacy” said Chairman Robert Weygandt.

Fowler continues to volunteer time to his community and serves on various committees, including the Rural Lincoln Municipal Advisory Council.