SACRAMENTO – Public transit projects across California are receiving bond
funds to upgrade transit service, purchase eco-friendly buses, and
modernize transit stations to create jobs across the state. The 138
projects will receive $214 million from Proposition 1B, the 2006
voter-approved transportation bond, which includes $3.6 billion to improve
public transit in California.

“These projects are a direct investment in our state’s public transit
system and will help energize California’s economy,” said Acting Caltrans
Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Not only will these projects help create jobs,
they will also reduce traffic congestion, protect the environment by
reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and provide Californians an alternative
to rising gas prices.”

Some of the notable projects receiving funding include:

Los Angeles
· $29.5 million to the San Fernando Valley Extension North/South Bus
Rapid Transit (BRT) to build a four-mile expansion on the existing Orange
BRT Line.

· $61.6 million to the Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Project, an 8.5
mile corridor project, which will be the first to connect downtown Los
Angeles with the Westside and Culver City.

San Francisco
· $20.2 million to the Central Subway, a north-south rail/transit axis
connecting to the BART/Muni Metro subway.

· $720,000 to the city of Clovis to purchase seven clean-diesel buses.

· $1.3 million to extend the Fremont/Lighthouse Corridor Bus Rapid
Transit (BRT) route seven miles from the Monterey-Pacific Grove border to
the western edge of Sand City.

San Diego
· $15.7 million to purchase 29 new light rail vehicles, which will
increase rider capacity and improve transit service throughout San Diego.

Kern County
· $2.2 million to replace older buses that emit more air pollutants,
with five cleaner Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses.

· $5.6 million to purchase 70 buses to replace ones that have reached
the end of their useful life.

Orange County
· $18.7 million for the Metrolink Service Grade Crossing Improvements
and Track Expansion Improvement Project which will open up track capacity
and improve safety for services in both directions between Fullerton and
Laguna Niguel/ Mission Viejo train stations.

For a comprehensive list of all projects that received funding, please
visit: http://www.dot.ca.gov/docs/Prop1BTransitProjectsOctober2011.pdf