Washoe County Registrar Reminds Voters That Your Polling Locations May Have Changed for the 2011 Special Election; Check Your Sample For Polling Location

Washoe County Registrar of Voters reminds all registered voters to check their sample ballots for polling locations, as many locations have changed for the 2011 Special Election on Tuesday, September 13th.

For the 2011 Special Election, there are 68 polling locations on Election Day – this is 27 less voting locations than previous elections. Physical addresses for the polling places can be found on your sample ballot, online at: http://www.washoecounty.us/voters/11PPList.html, or by calling 328-3670.

Poll Watchers: All registered voters can expect to see “poll watchers” when they come to vote. Poll watchers represent the political parties, candidates and advocacy groups and are required to conduct themselves consistent with the guidelines established by the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. Political Activity: By state law, any political activity must occur at least 100 feet from the polling place entrance. This measurement will be marked off at each polling location.

The Results: The Secretary of State has ruled that results cannot be posted until after all polling places in the state have been closed. After the Secretary of State consents to their release, tallied results will be posted on Washoe County’s website (www.washoecounty.us); a link on the front page will take the viewer to the “Results Page.” A hard copy will also be provided to those waiting in the Registrar’s Office for such information. Throughout the evening of September 13th results will be updated using the County’s stand-alone tabulation system, a report will be generated and made available within minutes to the public via this website.

For more information about the 2011 Special Election, visit: www.washoecounty.us/voters or call (775) 328-3670.